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Table 1 Summary of the investigated structures

From: Differentiating the structure of PtNi octahedral nanoparticles through combined ADF–EDX simulations

Name Description Number of Pt atoms Number of Ni atoms Composition
(1) Pt shell Pt monolayer shell with Ni core 902 1834 32.97% Pt
(2) Pt edges Pt only at nanoparticle edges 1074 1662 39.25% Pt
(3) Pt hexapod Pt seed crystal grown out in 100 directions to form a hexapod structure 1040 1696 38.01% Pt
(4) Pt hexapod and edges As above, but with additional Pt decoration on the edges of the nanoparticle 1118 1618 40.86% Pt
(5) Pt hexapod, edges and core As above, but with a Pt cuboctahedron in the core 1064 1672 38.89% Pt
(6) Ni facets Ni concentrated at the centre of each facet and unconnected in the nanoparticle 1136 1600 41.52% Pt
(7) Alloy Random mixture of Pt and Ni atoms 1094 1642 39.99% Pt