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Table 2 Examples of optical and hyperspectral parameters to be set by the user prior to data acquisition

From: Micro-Extinction Spectroscopy (MExS): a versatile optical characterization technique

Optical parameters Hyperspectral parameters
Parameter Example Parameter Example
Exposure time 0.5 s Image width passed through slit 3.85 μma
Exposures/frame 4   1.54 μma
Grating grooves/mm 50 Step size 0.8 μm
Center wavelength 600 nm Number of steps (Ny)b 250
   Number of time-lapse acquisitions (Nt)b 100
   Acquisition frequency 10 s
  1. aObjective magnification: 40× and 100× respectively
  2. bOnly Ny or Nt is relevant in a given experiment