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TableĀ 3 Examples of experiment-specific computations utilized in data post-processing

From: Micro-Extinction Spectroscopy (MExS): a versatile optical characterization technique

Technique Variable of interest Computation Example application
Transmission Absorption \(- \log \left( {\frac{\text{Sample transmittance}}{\text{Direct transmittance}}} \right)\) 2D materials electronic properties
Reflectance Differential reflectance \(\frac{{\left| {{\text{Sample reflectance}} - {\text{Substrate reflectance}}} \right|}}{\text{Substrate reflectance}}\) 2D materials substrate interactions
Darkfield Scattering \(\frac{{{\text{Particle scattering}} - {\text{Background scattering}}}}{{{\text{Lamp scattering}} - {\text{Dark scattering}}}}\) Plasmonic NPs single-particle studies